Office Distractions

Do you find yourself being distracted by fellow employees during the day? These distractions can take a big chunk out of your valuable, productive time. Here are some ideas on how to keep them out of your office.

Meet them at the door – If you sense someone is coming that you know is distracting, meet them at the door. As you head off to the restroom or on an errand, suggest that they “walk with you” while you talk.

Stand and approach them – If you are both standing, it will likely be a much shorter conversation. This is good if you think they are just coming in to chat. If you want them to stay, sit back down and offer them a seat.

Don’t have a seat available for them – If you have a chair, drape a coat over it or stack some papers and books on it. It’s always easier to get someone to leave if they haven’t sat down yet.

Don’t look up right away – Keep your head down for a few extra seconds before looking up and acknowledging their presence. This sends a very clear message that you are busy and focused on what you are doing. If this doesn’t give them the hint, tell them you’re right in the middle of something and ask them to please make it brief.

Take notes – If a meeting is unavoidable get out your pen and paper. If they see you writing everything down, people will be far less likely to waste time on idle chitchat.


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